6. How to configure App Store Connect for Flutter app iOS deployment with Odevio

In this tutorial, you will learn how to link your Apple Developer account with Odevio.


During your Odevio trial, you can link as many account you want.

To link multiple accounts, you have to subscribe to a paid subscription, you can discover our available plans here.

Step 1: How to get an Apple API key

Go to https://developer.apple.com and click on the “Account” menu.

Log into your Apple developer account if you need to.

Apple Developer Program Homepage

You can now see the overview of your account.

Access Users and Access.

App Store Connect home

Or via https://appstoreconnect.apple.com and click on the Users and Access button.

App Store Connect home

You will see a list of the users. Go to the “Keys” tab to see a list of your keys and their status

To add a new key, press the big “+” sign.

Add API key

To generate an API key, simply define its name, select the role of the user and click on generate.

For more information about role permissions, check out Apple Developer Program’s official documentation.

In this case, developer is a sufficient pick.

Generate API key

Your API key has now been generated!

You have the possibility to copy¹ the key id and to download the API key².


You can only download it ONCE. Make sure to save it in a safe place!

Apple download API keys

Apple API keys

But wait, do not close that tab yet !

Step 3: Complete the required missing information and where to find it

Now that you know how to add an access between your Apple Developer account and Odevio, in this step, you will learn where you can find the required information.

For the Apple ID, you can find it on your Apple developper account.

Go to the “Membership Details” section and there you will find it. It is actually your Apple Team ID.

Just copy & paste it into the client in the correct field.

Apple Membership

Apple Team ID

The next information you need is to give a name to your access.

You can name it however you want.

Next, is your key ID. The one you created earlier.

Go back to your App Store Connect, in the Users and Access menu and in the keys tab.

There will be your keys. You can easily copy the key ID¹.

You can also copy the Issuer ID² right above because it will be the next line Odevio will ask you to complete.

Apple Key ID

The private key is the last bit of information you need to complete. It is the path where you stored the file of the key you downloaded³ earlier.

Simply select the file where you stored your key.

Now that your Apple Developer account was linked successfully you should see it appear in the Apple section like this:

Desktop Apple ls


You can only link one Apple Developer acccount at a time with the trial version or the hobbyist plan.

To link multiple Apple Developer Account to your user account, you have to subscribe to Odevio, check out our available plans here.

And that is how you link your Apple Developer account with Odevio in just 3 easy steps!