3. Configure Xcode, edit your code, debug and test your app with Odevio Remote

Configure Xcode

Now that you are connected, you can freely configure Xcode!

Odevio RustDesk desktop

Edit your code directly on the virtual machine

Odevio remote also gives you the possibility to direclty edit your code with Visual Studio Code or Android Studio.

Odevio RustDesk code

Debug and test your Flutter app with the iOS simulator

Debugging and testing your iOS app is fairly easy with Odevio.

Once you are on the Odevio-Remote, an instance of the Simulator is ready for you.

You can open the terminal on the Odevio-Remote.

Go into your app using cd Documents/app and use the flutter run command.

After a few seconds, your application will start on the simulator, you can now debug and test it.

Odevio flutter run

With all these tools in your hands, we believe you will be able to do everything you need for your app!